Julia Nimke

Julia Nimke is a Travel, Lifestyle and Portrait photographer as well as former Adobe Creative Resident living in Berlin, Germany. In the past few years Julia has established herself as a brand, that works with international clients by telling compelling stories and producing high quality imageries. Her body of work has been featured in numerous magazines such as Zeit Magazin, Time Out Magazine and View. Most of the time you'll find Julia on the road to somewhere remote with her camper van. Her passion for nature and travel has a huge impact on her work and aesthetics.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into photography?


I got my first camera at age 11 and have been shooting ever since. When I was 18 I started my career working at a photography studio and I’ve worked as a professional photographer for 11 years since. The workshops were not monumental for me in terms of technical photography, but they’ve been a huge push for me to shoot more, push my boundaries, and expand my business.


What inspires you?


I get inspired by a lot of different things: talking to people, listening to music, spending time in the great outdoors. 


Which photographers inspire you?


Finn Beales, Alex Strohl, and the classic heros like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier Bresson. 


What were you hoping to improve by enrolling in a workshop?


Landing jobs and pitching to clients, that’s what I wanted to learn and improve most. I also wanted insight into different workflows. The Finn Beales workshop helped me pitch clients new ideas and further expanded my abilities to tell a story. From a business and creative standpoint it was very inspiring. I was able to become more structured in the way I work.


What are three things that you gained from the Finn Beales workshop?

  1. Creative and business inspiration
  2. New methods and encouragement  to pitch my ideas to clients
  3. More structure in my work process


Any words of inspiration for new students from what you’ve learned and your own experience as a professional photographer?


Sometimes all you need is new input, to think about things in a new light, and getting this knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the photography business has been of great value.