The Gear Bundle

What's Included

Style & Aesthetic: Benjamin Hardman
  1. High-Resolution Setup

    Breaking down Benjamin’s go-to gear for when high-resolution imagery is of utmost importance.

  2. Lightweight Gear Setup

    Versatility is always a necessity, but sometimes weight can be a hindering factor. This is what you would find Benjamin shooting with whilst on a mountaineering ascent when having lightweight gear is key.

  3. Backpack Breakdown

    A comprehensive look into the necessities that Benjamin carries with him on his expeditions.

  4. Aerial Photography

    Walking through the specialized aerial photography equipment that has revolutionized Benjamin’s work in recent years.

Storytelling: Finn Beales
  1. Gear with Finn

    Take a look at the gear Finn has brought on this shoot: cameras, lenses, storage, bags, toolkit, and an H.

Adventure, Summer: Alex Strohl
  1. Gear with Alex

    Take a detailed look into the gear Alex uses for his photography: cameras, lenses, memory cards, storage, backup, and his trusted gear in the outdoors (tents, sleeping bags, travel gear).

  2. Alex's Travel Kit

    Discover what gear Alex always takes with him on international trips. Includes: - Photography Gear - Travel & Tech Gear - Accessories