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Storytelling: Finn Beales
  1. The Importance of Shot Type

    Finn discusses his key shot types and the qualities each one can bring to a story.

  2. Developing Treatments & Moodboards

    Finn walks you through the treatment he has developed for this workshop and also the mood board he will use to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.

  3. Shooting Techniques: Tracking Shot

    Finn breaks down the process associated with shoot from car-to-car so he can generate a sense of movement.

  4. Stuff That Alex is Curious About

    Finn discusses his back story, what drives him to make pictures and how living in a remote place informs his approach to life and his photography.

Style & Aesthetic: Benjamin Hardman
  1. Aerial Photography

    Walking through the specialized aerial photography equipment that has revolutionized Benjamin’s work in recent years.

  2. Photographing the Elusive Reindeer

    Finding a clean aesthetic in a busy scene, low angles, and placing the animal with a consistent background, using foreground elements for bokeh.

  3. Creating Your Own Voice

    Starting first by recognising what inspires you - it can be photography, fashion, architecture, music. Gather what inspires you and have it somewhere it can be looked at (moodboard, posters, phone background).

  4. Social Media Q&A

    Having organized and well-executed social media can lead to job opportunities, exhibition opportunities, everything. Learn how Benjamin built his social media from the ground up.

AdventurePhotography: Alex Strohl
  1. Finding Brands That Fit You

    Nowadays, more than ever it’s crucial to be authentic. Alex shares how we went from doing a lot of one-off projects to only working with a few select brands that are a natural fit.

Summer Photography: Alex Strohl
  1. Experiential Photography

    Learn and watch how Alex executes a shoot with friends. It's important to approach everything in a casual manner, to allow organic moments to unfold in front of the lens.

  2. Shooting At Sunset

    In this episode Alex walks you through a beach photoshoot, how to set yourself up for a productive shoot with limited resources in a remote location.

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